Don Giovanni

Awarded two suns by the Repsol Guide (Don Giovanni Madrid and Don Giovanni Finca Cortesín), Best Madrid-based Italian Restaurant, participating in the celebration of one of the most important ingredients in Italian cuisine, Parma’s 2012, 2013 Pasta World Championship…


Don Giovanni’s sicilian chef Andrea Tumbarello continues to receive culinary accolades whilst bringing the authentic taste of Italy to Finca Cortesín with recipes that evoke respect towards tradition combined with ingenuity and innovation.

Reserves: + 34 952 937 800

Don Giovanni: open for dinner only.

The restaurant will open every week from Friday to Monday  from March 20th until October 31st  2016. Except the following special dates:

Easter:  from 20/03/2016 until 28/03/2016. The restaurant will be open every day.

Summer: from 01/07/2016 – 05/09/2016. The restaurant will be open every day.

A la Carte Menu 2016 View PDF

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