Jack Nicklaus Coaching Studio

Knowing that we all learn in different ways (auditory, visually and kinetically), our Jack Nicklaus Coaching Studio is design to help us to provide you an immediately feedback, that will lead to a quicker and much deeper knowledge,learning and feel of your golf swing. The use of the Technology integrated in the Jack Nicklaus Coaching Studio will make you have the opportunity to make greater improvements and most important, to help you understand what are the causes and effects on your game and swing  faults.


Nicklaus Academies Swing Analysis System

Automated system of 3 high-speed digital cameras that show clearly the clubface before, during and after impact, which is one of our key components in our philosophy of controlling the flight of the ball.


K-Vest is an interactive training system where a 3-D analysis of the student provides an immediate feedback visually or audibly.


The Putting System analysis from TOMI allows us to capture eight critical points in the putting stroke and displays them graphically for ease of understanding.


This radar based device allows us to validate the data relating to club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, total distance and dispersion.

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